Stilt Walking & Costume Making

Stilt Walking & Costume Making

IMG_2574Today at the Computer Clubhouse we began our Stilt Walking and Costume Making for the months of October through December. Right now the kids are working on their costumes for our Halloween celebration, “Get Your Spook On!” They will be making their own costumes for the celebration, and learning how to stilt walk. They  have already made progress in one day, we cannot wait to see what will come in time for Halloween!IMG_2575


Thomas is teaching the children how to stilt walk for their first time in preparation for the show.


Here is Steven and the girls in giant trousers!


Recently we were successful withSONY DSC our proposal & application for a mini-grant for the new Intel Making! @ Clubhouses initiative.

The Making! @ Clubhouses network-wide education and outreach initiative, sponsored by Intel in partnership with the MIT Media Lab Lifelong Kindergarten Group, provides financial and professional development support to Clubhouses to foster engineering and do-it- yourself “Making” activities.

This initiative focuses on supporting gateway activities exploring content areas in STEM, including:

  • Circuitry and Electronics
  • Crafts: Fashion, Textile, Vinyl and Paper
  • Computation and Coding
  • Microcontrollers and Robotics
  • 3D Design and Printing
  • Entrepreneurism

We are looking forward to creating some great new workshops in the coming year, so watch this space fellow Makers!


ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards 2014

ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards 2014

Would you decorate your home using trash?

Well, this year the clubhouse entered a project into the ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards 2014 exploring different ways of transforming trash into useful and beautiful objects. You’d be proud to decorate your home with the beautiful things they created.

They called themselves Trashformers – Rubbish in Disguise and showcased their project in the Mansion House on May 20th.

Checkout their “Guide to Trashforming” and continue to keep an eye out for our young environmentalists and their next project.

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