On February 14, while many were receiving gifts of love for Valentine’s Day members of the Computer Clubhouse were busy building their Greenhouse and getting their hands dirty in the soil. The group Kids and the Beanstalk was created to address environmental issues in the local area, in particular making the area a greener place to live in. The members of the group put in many hours thinking about the project and how it would impact the environment and local community. They were set on building a Greenhouse out of recycled plastic bottles. It required over a 1000 recycled bottles to complete the Greenhouse. Young people appealed to the local community and ask them to donate bottles for their exciting venture. As a result they were able to collect 300 bottles. The rest of the most important bottles as well as the materials for the frame of the Greenhouse were kindly donated by Panda, waste management company. Panda supports community initiatives and is committed to maintain a green environment by ensuring that no waste goes to the landfill.

During the planning mode students prepared the bottles for installation on the Greenhouse. They cut off the bottoms of the bottles as were instructions given by Abdul Hassan, the engineer behind the project.

The project will be submitted for ECO-Unesco Young Environmentalist Award, which is a program that provides support and opportunities to young people to develop an environmental action project.

All members who were involved in the project had loads of fun on the day, learned loads of carpenter skills like hammering and sawing. They were able to gain knowledge about their environment and the actions they can do to make it a better one, as well as ‘practice greener behaviour’ (as Angel would put it) and encourage others to do so.

Acknowledgements to all young people who participated: Angel, Bianka and Rachel Akpotor, Natalia and Nadia Gill, Roku Kola and Priscilla Szumna, and to the project leader Ivanna Chovgan. As well as all Computer Clubhouse and community members who supported the students signing their petition and who came out on Feb 14 and helped building the Greenhouse.

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