Two of our Coder Dojo Ninjas share their digital skills with MEPs


Two of our Coder Dojo Ninjas, Shane and Samuel, attended the third annual #EUDojo event in the EU Parliament in Brussels last month. Young coders from all over Europe were welcomed to Brussels to showcase their coding and technology skills and to teach some MEPs how to write a few lines of code. It was a great trip and an amazing opportunity for members of the Clubhouse to represent Ireland at a European event.

The event, celebrating Europe Code Week, consisted of a two hour session, where 35 young coders taught the MEPs how to create a basic HTML & CSS website. MEPs in attendance included Catherine Stihler (UK), Marian Harkin (Ireland), Mairead McGuinness (Ireland), Brian Hayes (Ireland), Vicky Ford (UK), Kaja Kallas (Estonia), Bogdan Wenta (Poland), Brando Benifei (Italy), Marian Marinescu (Romania), Eva Paunova (Bulgaria), Julia Reda (Germany) and Diane Dodds (UK).

A huge well done and thanks to Shane and Sam!! Read more about the event on the coder dojo blog here and on the Euractiv site here.



Advanced Makers, Arduino Steady Hand Game-Week 1

Advanced Makers, Arduino Steady Hand Game-Week 1

Kiara has begun designing and prototyping her Steady Hand Game. She brainstormed different ideas for making the game very challenging:

  1. Could I make it a 2 player game?
  2. Add a counter to count the number of times the circuit is activated
  3. Add a timer to time how long it takes to complete the challenge
  4. Make it 3 dimensional!

Kiara is keeping all her ideas and designs in her Inventor’s notebook.


She learnt about basic circuit design and built a simple prototype of the Steady hand game without the Arduino using crocodile clips, a resistor, LED and battery. Next Week Kiara will program the Arduino and breadboard the first stage of the circuit.


Making a Difference Through Lego Robotics

Making a Difference Through Lego Robotics

The older members involved in the Lego League have begun to create autonomous robots. These robots will have to complete 10 challenges in 2 and half minutes in an arena completely on their own. In order to program their robots the members use coding to tell it what to do. The robot will have to complete challenges that include shooting a football in a goal and opening doors.

IMG_2727 WEB


This project is a part of the First Lego League (FLL) Challenge World Class learning unleashed program ran by Lego. Not only does this project include the young people working to design an autonomous robot, but there is another half to the project. The clubhouse members have to research how to make learning easier for others through innovation. They are doing a great job, and making a difference while they have fun!


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