The Clubhouse is buzzing with excitement on the day before the big showcase. Tomorrow, Wednesday the 10th of December, is the day. We’ve got a bunch of cool things going on so be sure to stop by. From 6-6:30 there will be an interactive exhibition which includes Reindeers on Stilts and Elf ¬†Guides, Scratch Games by Junior Coders, a Lego Robotics Demo, Makers Workshop, and a Podcast. Between 6:30 and 6:45, there will be some Presentations and Films including Kids & the Beanstalk, Code Read, and the Get UR Spook On documentary. Performances are up next from 6:45-:7:30. This includes performances by Mark Chovgan & Marta Makus, Katelyn McGlue & Madison Bowes, Anthony Kelleher, Roku Kola, Rud Kola, Tyra Graham, Nadia Gil and Natalia Gil AKA The Terror, Luke Doyle, Patricia & Melissa, Tyra Graham & Natalia Gil, Darragh Kavanagh Cullen AKA DKC, and Katelyn Burke, Emily Early, Nadia Gil & Natalia Gil. Don’t forget about refreshments from 7:30-8! It’ll be a great time, so we hope to see you all there.

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