Art - Traditional - Imagination is the beginning of creation

As an all-round creative space, the Computer Clubhouse provides an opportunity for those looking to express themselves through art. Participants are able to explore different media through both personal and team approach. We have skilled mentors that want to share their skills in imaginative, fun and relaxing atmosphere.

The Computer Clubhouse have great resources to make the most of your art. Through digital media you can animate your sculpture, bring your characters to life and bring digital colour to your drawings.


Fashion Design

Create your own clothing line, T-shirt graphics and accessories while using a digital sewing machine and fashion design techniques.


Create your own 3D works of art through a variety of mediums.

Painting & Drawing

Develop skills while create paintings and drawing with the help of our talented mentors.


Get creative with stencils and spray paint during on our graffiti workshops and learn to make public art on a large scale !  For an eco-friendly alternative, we can use stencils and water to make a reverse graffiti piece.


ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards 2014

Once upon a time there was a group of young girls that cared about Environment and Nature very much. The girls didn’t like to see rubbish on the streets. They wanted to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. So they have become TRASHFORMERS. Trashformers used old clothes, plastic bottles, tins and cans to make things we can use every day. Like fairy lights out of egg cartons, rug dolls, plastic bottles bird feeders and much more. Then they have created an instructional booklet on how to make those things.

Trashformers took part in the Eco-Unesco Young Environmentalist Award 2014 and got to the finals. At the Finals Exhibition they were able to tell everybody about their work. They are hoping that the stone they have thrown will have a ripple effect and the world will become a better place for everybody to live in. Click on the cover of their book on the left to learn how you can be a Trashformer too!!

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