Gardening & Allotment

The SWICN Clubhouse has a wonderful allotment space in Weaver Square managed by the young people and lead by Ivanna Chovgan. SWICN strongly believes in the importance of young people experiencing the joy of growing food for themselves.
The young people also get a chance to cook and eat the food they’ve worked so hard to produce.




The Greenhouse

In 2014 the young people from SWICN Clubhouse designed and built a greenhouse for the allotment using recycled plastic bottles. The greenhouse was assembled using 1,000 plastic bottles recycled by Panda customers and the design supports an irrigation system for watering crops grown inside.

They are growing tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers that will be used in other SWICN projects.

Ivanna Chovgan of SWICN said “the children have been planning, designing and creating this inventive greenhouse since September 2014. It is really something to see it fully complete and on site. Everybody involved is really proud of their collective achievement. The innovative way the children have used the recycled plastic bottles from Panda customers shows how enterprising our young people are. I’d like to thank Panda and their customers for their support of this project, they’ve been great”.

Paul O ‘Doherty from Panda said “Using Panda customers recycled plastic bottles to design something so innovative and imaginative is an achievement that the SWICN children should be very proud of. We’re delighted to see Panda customers’ recycled plastic bottles used in such an ingenious way. Our support for this project reflects our commitment to protecting the environment and we wish the children every success in the competition”.
The Local News, South Edition, 12 March 2015

The Greenhouse was entered into ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards, an all Ireland environmental awards programme that recognises and rewards young people who raise environmental awareness and improve the environment be it in their school, community or even further afield.

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