Sew it Bright!

Sew it Bright!

Today in Break it! Make it! we made ‘sew it bright’ bracelets. First, we drew a picture of a design and then we cut it out in felt. Then we glued the design onto a felt bracelet. After this, we sewed conductive thread from the lily pad to an LED light on our design. Because we worked in pairs, one of us sewed the positive to positive and one of us sewed the negative to negative. We then put a battery in the lily pad holder and it lit up! We liked this project because we like to sew and we like to make things light up. Next time we would like to try making our clothes light up!





SWICN Computer Clubhouse Lego Robot Challenges

SWICN Computer Clubhouse Lego Robot Challenges

The Robot is made, and it’s course is set. Members of the Computer Clubhouse are preparing to program the finished Robot so that it can take on a variety of challenges. It will have to score goals, pick up objects, and carry out other tasks. It’s obstacle course has been built, and the members are getting ready for the First Lego League competition in Galway. There will be judges who will be awarding points and penalties based on how many tasks their Robot is and isn’t able to complete.

Reaching New Heights with Stilt Walking

Thomas and Derek propose to the young people an amazing activity at the clubhouse. The young people learn how to walk on stilts with mentors. They practice safety by learning to fall and climb stairs outside the clubhouse before going out on the streets. They control their fear of being so tall while having a good time. The young people experience how it feels to be tall. Most of the young people on their stilts are taller than the mentors. The young people are reaching new heights with this fun activity !








Kickin’ Off the Summer Programme

Yesterday, the 1st of July, the Computer Clubhouse went on our first trip of the Summer Programme with our 8-12 year old group.

The group set out from the Clubhouse at 11am to splash the beautiful summer day away at Portmarnock Beach, where the kids traded sea shells and played football on the sandy shore. To end a fun day the kids enjoyed 99’s and ice pops before we drove home. This Thursday, the Clubhouse will be taking the kids on a pier jumping trip.

Interested in joining our Summer Programme? Stop by 8 Rainsford Street, Dublin 8 to sign up!

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures on projects and trips happening at the Computer Clubhouse during the Summer Programme!

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