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Light Up Christmas Tree

"First we got a bunch of cardboard and then we measured it to make four triangles that would then make one big 3D triangle. First we made the top part of the big triangle by measuring, marking and cutting. After making all triangles, we drew shapes on the cardboard...

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Sew it Bright!

Today in Break it! Make it! we made 'sew it bright' bracelets. First, we drew a picture of a design and then we cut it out in felt. Then we glued the design onto a felt bracelet. After this, we sewed conductive thread from the lily pad to an LED light on our design....

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Advanced Makers Modular Synthesizer Project Weeks 4 and 5

Over the past two weeks, the team have made loads of progress on the modular synthesizer project. They have nearly soldered every piece that needed to be soldered and they have been populating the circuit boards so that everything will be ready for assembly and as of...

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Make It! Break It! Soft Circuits

Last Thursday evening, the Make It! Break It! group researched what E-Textiles are about and explored different examples on the internet. They were then introduced to some sewable electronic components; the Lilytiny microcontroller and LEDs. They built some simple...

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Advanced Makers, Arduino Steady Hand Game-Week 1

Kiara has begun designing and prototyping her Steady Hand Game. She brainstormed different ideas for making the game very challenging: Could I make it a 2 player game? Add a counter to count the number of times the circuit is activated Add a timer to time how long it...

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SWICN Computer Clubhouse Lego Robot Challenges

The Robot is made, and it's course is set. Members of the Computer Clubhouse are preparing to program the finished Robot so that it can take on a variety of challenges. It will have to score goals, pick up objects, and carry out other tasks. It's obstacle course has...

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