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Advanced Makers Week 3 Modular Synthesizer Project

After a week off for the "Get Your Spook On" Halloween party, the Advanced Makers are back at it again. This week they are continuing their work on the modular synthesizer by making the sequencer for the board. They use solder to attach LEDs to the decade counter, the...

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Make It! Break It! – Lego Faces

"First when we came into Make It! Break It! we had a talk about what we were going to make that day. Then we got split into groups, I was with Nadia & Natalia. Angel & Bianca were together and the other Natalia was with Priscilla. After we were in groups, we started...

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Kids and the Beanstalk

The members of the clubhouse are building a greenhouse for a competition ran by Eco-Unesco. The name of our team is "Kids and The Beanstalk." Over the last few weeks the young people have been busy creating a logo for their team name and project. They have been...

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Making a Difference Through Lego Robotics

The older members involved in the Lego League have begun to create autonomous robots. These robots will have to complete 10 challenges in 2 and half minutes in an arena completely on their own. In order to program their robots the members use coding to tell it what to...

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Getting Ready for “Get Your Spook On!”

The Costumes for our Halloween celebration, "Get Your Spook On!" are coming along great!                                         The young people at the clubhouse have been working hard alongside Steven and our mentors Boxy, Antonia, and Alexa making the costumes.    ...

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