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Advanced Makers Week Two, Raspberry Pi & Arduino

Raspberry Pi This week Kenneth configured the Raspberry Pi to work with the camera module and the Wifi dongle. He learnt a lot of new Linux commands experimenting with the camera module taking pictures and film.  Kenneth is now going to develop a project for the...

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Advanced Makers Week Two, Modular Synthesizer Project

For the past two weeks, three clubhouse members, Ryan, Luke, and Marta have been working to make a modular synthesizer, which emits sound in a specific sequence depending on certain variables. The rate at which the synthesizer beeps can be affected by light sensors or a control knob. The construction of this project has many parts that all need to come together for it to function properly. The majority of the components are assembled by the young people from scratch under the guidance of Thomas, a mentor.

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Icons of Computer Gaming

On October 16th, 2014, An Post issued four stamps celebrating  the most recognisable game icons in modern international culture: Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac Man and Space Invaders. Check them out gamers!!...

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The Break it! Make it! Gang

The Break it! Make it! Gang had their first Making workshop "Painting with Light" last Thursday evening. They had great fun building light wands with LEDs. They then created strange and wonderful images using their light wands and a DSLR camera. If you're interested...

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Bringing Thailand to Ireland

One of our fantastic mentors, Nyasha Mhandu, brought a bit of Thailand to the Clubhouse after she came back from an incredible visit there. The members greatly enjoyed the workshop and learned loads about a new culture. Check out the details on Nyasha's blog here....

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Advance Making – Soldering

Yesterday at our first Advanced Making class our members were able begin soldering LED lights and setting them to blink using Arduino, thanks to our experts Tom and Des!   They were able to experiment with Raspberry Pi and started to build circuits as well. We are...

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