Sew for Gina’s baby shower

Sew for Gina’s baby shower

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Today we made little baby over grows and sewed them together. We put it on a string. One side was white and one side was any design. The white side has messages on it. Andrea took the photo’s. Angel, Bianca, Priscilla and me thought of the idea. Then Angel told Ivanna. Darcie and Angel made a baby bag for Gina. Darcie also made a bottle warmer and a purse. Kimi also made a purse. Kerryn helped me and Kiara to sew. Bianca, Darcie, Angel, Kimi and Emily sewed as well. We hope Gina, Garry and the baby have a happy life together.


By Rachel

Building the Greenhouse Soiree

Building the Greenhouse Soiree

On February 14, while many were receiving gifts of love for Valentine’s Day members of the Computer Clubhouse were busy building their Greenhouse and getting their hands dirty in the soil. The group Kids and the Beanstalk was created to address environmental issues in the local area, in particular making the area a greener place to live in. The members of the group put in many hours thinking about the project and how it would impact the environment and local community. They were set on building a Greenhouse out of recycled plastic bottles. It required over a 1000 recycled bottles to complete the Greenhouse. Young people appealed to the local community and ask them to donate bottles for their exciting venture. As a result they were able to collect 300 bottles. The rest of the most important bottles as well as the materials for the frame of the Greenhouse were kindly donated by Panda, waste management company. Panda supports community initiatives and is committed to maintain a green environment by ensuring that no waste goes to the landfill.


During the planning mode students prepared the bottles for installation on the Greenhouse. They cut off the bottoms of the bottles as were instructions given by Abdul Hassan, the engineer behind the project.

The project will be submitted for ECO-Unesco Young Environmentalist Award, which is a program that provides support and opportunities to young people to develop an environmental action project.


All members who were involved in the project had loads of fun on the day, learned loads of carpenter skills like hammering and sawing. They were able to gain knowledge about their environment and the actions they can do to make it a better one, as well as ‘practice greener behaviour’ (as Angel would put it) and encourage others to do so.

Acknowledgements to all young people who participated: Angel, Bianka and Rachel Akpotor, Natalia and Nadia Gill, Roku Kola and Priscilla Szumna, and to the project leader Ivanna Chovgan. As well as all Computer Clubhouse and community members who supported the students signing their petition and who came out on Feb 14 and helped building the Greenhouse.


Break it-Make it: Felt Ropes

Break it-Make it: Felt Ropes

Today in Break it, Make it, Niki helped us make felt ropes using many different colors. We used wool to make our rope. First we got a piece of wool, and laid it out on bubble wrap. Then, we picked different colors of wool to lay on top. When we picked the colors, we put soapy water on the wool, and began rolling it to combine the colors to make felt. When we were finished rolling, we used a washing board to get rid of the excess soap, and then left the strand of wool to dry. What we have to look forward to after its dry, is another project of making the wool into jewelry.  We had a great time and cant wait to see the finished product.

Arianne, Alex, and Rachel


Break It Makes


Pricilla Break it break it 2


Sew it Bright!

Sew it Bright!

Today in Break it! Make it! we made ‘sew it bright’ bracelets. First, we drew a picture of a design and then we cut it out in felt. Then we glued the design onto a felt bracelet. After this, we sewed conductive thread from the lily pad to an LED light on our design. Because we worked in pairs, one of us sewed the positive to positive and one of us sewed the negative to negative. We then put a battery in the lily pad holder and it lit up! We liked this project because we like to sew and we like to make things light up. Next time we would like to try making our clothes light up!





Getting Ready for “Get Your Spook On!”

Getting Ready for “Get Your Spook On!”

The Costumes for our Halloween celebration, “Get Your Spook On!” are coming along great!

IMG_2650 WEB

IMG_2633 WEB





















The young people at the clubhouse have been working hard alongside Steven and our mentors Boxy, Antonia, and Alexa making the costumes.











The members are almost finished with the costumes and have become experts at stilt-walking! Here’s the result of the stilt-walkers and the costumes below!

IMG_2710 WEB

The young people are very excited for their celebration and to show off their costumes and stilt-walking!

The clubhouse members did some face painting in the Halloween spirit to wrap up the Halloween project before next Friday’s event.

IMG_2719 WEB


Meet us here at the Computer Clubhouse at 3 pm next Friday, October 31st, if you want to come to “Get Your Spook On!” It’ll be quite the scare!

Bringing Thailand to Ireland

Bringing Thailand to Ireland

One of our fantastic mentors, Nyasha Mhandu, brought a bit of Thailand to the Clubhouse after she came back from an incredible visit there. The members greatly enjoyed the workshop and learned loads about a new culture. Check out the details on Nyasha’s blog here.


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