Your support makes it possible for us to continue providing programmes and services that encourage young people to achieve their best potential.

Over the years, hundreds of volunteers have invested their time, energy, and ideas to make the Clubhouse the wonderful environment it is today.

The Computer Clubhouse provides a safe environment for young people to express themselves through technology, art, music, photography or where their own specific interests lead them.

We recognise the best potential in every young person and help them grow in confidence, build their leadership skills and develop character. The Computer Clubhouse is the perfect place to build positive relationships with peers and mentors.

Why Donate & Where do we invest our Funds?

Teen Summit

Sending a young person to the International Teen Summit in Boston, MA

Field Trips

We organise numerous field trips throughout the year

Film Making

Enabling young people to express their ideas & viewpoints

Project Materials

We require materials for Cooking Workshops, Arts & Crafts and our numerous Design / Making workshops

Sponsoring Workshops

Our Music Studio

Multimedia Studio

PCs, Macs & software

And much more!!

Our programmes and services are only limited by funding & support! We have the passion.

Help us to continue our programmes and services

We are in the process of setting up an account on

In the meantime please contact the Computer Clubhouse directly

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