Hill Walking and Berry Picking

This past Tuesday, our younger Clubhouse members traveled to Sugarloaf Mountain for a hill walk.  With clear blue skies and a nice breeze, the clubhouse members scaled the rocks on the mountain and while taking in the breathtaking views during our journey to the summit.  Once we reached the top we enjoyed a picnic lunch and also discovered wild blueberry bushes growing nearby.  The clubhouse members collected enough blueberries to use to make blueberry muffins back at the clubhouse the following day.  What a fantastic day!

These Boots Were Made for Walking!

This past Tuesday, some of our older Clubhouse members joined us for an awe-inspiring hike in Glendalough through the Wicklow Mountains. Following the white trail, our members climbed endless steps and inclines to reach the trail’s peak, approximately 380m high. Exhausted, we took a short lunch break beside a small rock waterfall, allowing our members to rest and enjoy the view before the rocky hike back down into the valley. By the time we returned to the car park, we had traveled 9km in just over 3 hours! Now that’s a hillwalk!

All Fired Up

While most people are trying to stay cool in this warm summer weather, our Clubhouse members would rather be turning up the heat in our fully stocked kitchen. Whether they’re preparing vegetable lasagna, chicken masala, or chewy chocolate chunk cookies, our Clubhouse members who participate in our summer cooking programme are given the opportunity to create something of their own while trying and experiencing new foods. They just might surprise you and bring home the recipe to share!

This week, we made homemade vanilla cupcakes with a chocolate mousse frosting. Yum!

Kickin’ Off the Summer Programme

Yesterday, the 1st of July, the Computer Clubhouse went on our first trip of the Summer Programme with our 8-12 year old group.

The group set out from the Clubhouse at 11am to splash the beautiful summer day away at Portmarnock Beach, where the kids traded sea shells and played football on the sandy shore. To end a fun day the kids enjoyed 99’s and ice pops before we drove home. This Thursday, the Clubhouse will be taking the kids on a pier jumping trip.

Interested in joining our Summer Programme? Stop by 8 Rainsford Street, Dublin 8 to sign up!

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures on projects and trips happening at the Computer Clubhouse during the Summer Programme!

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