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There are many, many different ways you can get involved in The SWICN Clubhouse

Volunteers at The SWICN Clubhouse, often referred to as Mentors, join a unique community of young people and adults who create, invent, and explore together using the latest in computer technology. Clubhouse Mentors vary in age, background, interests and skills. Typically Mentors are university students, artists, educators, graphic designers, software developers, engineers, architects, Clubhouse Member “alumni” or community members.


Work as a team or one on one with young people while creating innovative projects of all kinds! Don’t fear if you are not technologically inclined! The most important thing is that you enjoy working with young people and like being creative!


What do Mentors do?

Mentors help youth express themselves through technology
Clubhouse Mentors support Members as they connect their interests with the computer technology skills they need to express those interests
Mentors focus on developing relationships
Successful Mentors understand the importance of establishing relationships based on respect and trust
Mentors are mutual learners
Clubhouse Mentors sometimes lead, but they often follow, as they know it’s empowering for young people to teach others


Film or photograph the array of activities at The Clubhouse allowing us to share all wonderful things we do!

Event Management

Here at The SWICN Clubhouse we host a variety of events including Showcases, Exhibitions, Community Events and Fundraisers. Any expertise in the organisation and delivery of the events would be much appreciated!

PR & Marketing

Create press releases, blog posts, posters, leaflets and other PR and Marketing material to help promote all the amazing projects and events at The Clubhouse. Check out some of our posters on Pinterest.

Fundraising Expertise

We are always looking for creative and fun ways to raise funds for project materials and educational field trips. If you would like to help us organise, deliver and promote a fundraiser that would be great!

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